Meet The Minds Behind The Lens

Welcome to Different, the trailblazers in eyewear innovation. Our saga is not of the ordinary kind, it’s a tale born out of the frosty embrace of mountain slopes and the relentless quest for clarity amidst blizzards.

Our origin traces back to the snow-covered terrains where two of our core team members, seasoned ski instructors, found their passion being clouded by inadequate ski eyewear. Year after year, for six months on a stretch, they danced with the snowflakes, raced against the cold winds, and embraced the mountain sun. Yet, amidst these poetic encounters, the perfect pair of ski goggles – ones that could withstand the whims of nature and the scrutiny of a professional – remained elusive.

The struggle was real, and it was clear; the market’s offering of ski eyewear was nothing more than a snowstorm of compromises. That’s when Different decided to tackle the blizzard head-on. We combined the profound experience of our ski-instructor duo with our eyewear expertise to craft a pair of ski goggles that live up to the promise of clarity, comfort, and durability, even in the heart of winter’s fury.

We introduced our ski eyewear not just as a product, but as a testament to what happens when relentless passion meets unrivaled expertise. Our ski goggles are not merely an accessory; they are a companion to every skier who shares our love for the slopes and our quest for the clear sight needed to conquer them.

Today, as we extend our arena from the mountain slopes to the digital domain, we invite you to experience the difference that is borne out of a genuine understanding and love for skiing. Explore our collection, become a part of our story, and let’s redefine the skiing experience together, with every descent, every race, and every moment of clear vision.

Welcome to Different. Welcome to a new vision on the slopes.

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