FAVOURITE – Matte black


Our Frontman and Favourite ski goggles share the same superior features and style—the only difference lies in their size and colour. Frontman is tailored for larger faces, offering a generous fit for men and women, while Favourite provides a snug, comfortable fit for adults with smaller features and children. So, order the model that fits you the best.

frame: matte black
strap: black
text&logo: moss green
lens 1: inside grey+outside silver mirror+cat.3
lens 2: inside yellow+outside yellow+cat.1

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Venture into a world where clarity meets the thrill of the slopes with Different’s innovative ski goggles. Featuring edgeless DW lens technology, these goggles promise a wider field of vision with ideal contrasts, keeping the colors as real as your adventure.

With Different ski goggles, be prepared to face the varying lights of the mountain with ease. The magnetic lens design allows for a swift and tool-free lens change, adapting to the whims of weather in a snap, making every descent a vision of perfection.

Embrace the chill with Different’s meticulously ventilated ski goggles. The advanced yet simple ventilation reduces lens fogging, while the protective covers ensure no water breach, letting you ski with a clear sight, come rain, snow or sunshine.

Safety and style ski hand in hand with Different. Our ergonomic DF frames prevent nose pinching, ensuring comfortable breathability to reduce lens fogging. Meticulously designed to fit snugly with various top-notch ski helmets, these goggles are the companion your skiing soul has been seeking.

Different ski goggles are where modern design meets exceptional functionality. The contemporary aesthetics adorned with details like the logo on the lens and the relief rubberized writings, not only make a style statement but echo the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every pair.

Step into the snow with the assurance of unparalleled comfort. The adjustable, wider strap adorned with silicone grips ensures your goggles stay put through every jump and turn, adding a layer of safety and comfort to your snowy escapades.

Elevate your ski experience with our high-performance triple-layer foam that comfortably hugs the contours of your face, acting as a barrier to the harsh cold winds, snow, and sunlight, while absorbing sweat and moisture, keeping your vision clear and your ride smooth.

Different isn’t just a brand, it’s a promise of quality. Our ski goggles are crafted from the finest materials, ensuring a durable companion for your mountain adventures. The quality of construction contributes to the overall skiing experience, enhancing safety, comfort, and performance, making you look great as you conquer the slopes.


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