The Tinko

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Designed by the first man to windsurf around the horn of South Africa and the co-founder of Different. The Tinko model aims to express a mix of freedom and nature. Using bold shaped metal frames and mixing them with hand sanded wooden temples we think we’ve found the right expression.

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I went my own way in life, did it the way I wanted

When designing the Tinko we set out to combine a passion for nature with a desire to achieve more. We wanted to create a piece that would show Tine’s aspirations to follow his dreams, while holding onto the roots of his ambitions, nature. We adding hand crafted wooden temples, painted by hand, each one unique, mixing it with modern smooth lined metal frames. What we achieved was the Tinko.

The Tinko is inspired by passion

Tine realized his childhood dreams. From a young age he had is goals set high and he set out to achieve. He grew his ideas and set his own path in life, proving people wrong along the way, walking the unknown path. Along the way he has become a world champion, has entered the record books by being the first to windsurf the around Cape of South Africa and then went  on to co-found Different, a brand that helps others reach their ambitions.

His model, the Tinko, was born to be a representation of what it means to truly follow your passions to the end. Nice one Tine, we salute you.

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